Monday 1 June 2020


Brianne Williams is a Nova Scotian visual artist who paints realistic scenes involving the ocean. Williams attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her paintings employ imagery of the East Coast’s oceanfront communities and explore the distorted reflections and colours cast onto the water's surface.

Based out of the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia!

She works mainly in oil, available works on site, also available for commission. Contact her at 

IG: brianne_williams_artist
Twitter: @BWilliamsArtist

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Scream N’ Hauler ~ Sold

Scream N’ Hauler, 2020 (11 x 14 inches) Oil on Canvas

I love working on commissioned paintings, especially ones that bring me back to my Nova Scotian roots!

Muskoka Sunset ~ Sold

Muskoka Sunset, 2019 (12 x 16 inches) Oil on Canvas

I used to be pretty biased towards the ocean but now living in Ontario it’s been easy to embrace the lake since I’ve been completely immersed in its beauty. Water has a calming effect and it truly connects us wherever we are!

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Shimmering Lemons ~ Sold

Shimmering Lemons, 2019 (30 x 30 inches) Oil on Canvas

I always find water has a way of completely captivating me. Let it be reflections of a boat onto its surface, its movement as it crashes along a shoreline, or its joyful bubbles that form as it passes through a sink full of lemons, I adore how water interacts with the world.

Sunset Serenity ~ Sold

Sunset Serenity, 2019 (36 x 60 inches) Oil on Canvas

It was a delight to paint my first Ontario Sunset!

Fence by the Water ~ Sold

Fence by the Water, 2019 (10 x 8 inches) Oil on Canvas

I never tire of painting the beauty in Blue Rocks Nova Scotia!

Fishers Dozen ~ Sold

Fishers Dozen, 2019 (5 x 7 inches) Oil on Canvas

I adore painting fish, and these cuties were no exception!